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Highest compliance standard maintained field

Grow while saving money - Boost your profits with our competitive prices and improve your margins. 
Build a strong brand - Delight your customers with consistently high-quality products and increase your repeat business.   
Efficient communication - Enjoy effortless communication with our experienced staff in different manufacturing locations.   

Lead with sustainability - Be ahead of the competition by leveraging our expert assistance in developing sustainable products and ethical manufacturing practices.
Make informed decisions - Get technical support and expert guidance every step.
Scale your business with ease - We can handle orders of any volume. 

Introducing best supplier partners
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Secure and timely delivery - Enjoy secure, hassle-free delivery right to your doorstep, ensuring your products arrive safely and on time.
Be ethically responsible - Partner with ethically responsible factories and source your products the right way.  
Be flexible Adapt to changing business needs with flexible sourcing strategies. 

Empower with innovative technology - Stay ahead of the game by having access to the latest innovative technologies in the industry.  
Free product development - Opportunity to develop your products at no cost. 

Maintaining product quality, consistency and on time delivery.
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We offer responsibly manufactured sustainable products in different styles, colors, and sizes to suit your needs. Our categories include home textile and household linens, childrenswear, adults wear, workwear, active/sportswear, fabric, and more. Whether you are looking for a specific item or just browsing for inspiration, we have everything ready!

Home textiles & Household linens


Adults wear

Workwear/Institutional Uniforms



Workwear/Institutional Uniforms



Why Us?

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Highest compliance standard maintained field

We work with suppliers who maintain the highest compliance standard in their field. Furthermore, we support our customers and suppliers to achieve and maintain exceptional standards across the supply chain with higher visibility.

We introduce the best supplier partners for products, fulfilling customer’s requirements, to source out of the country or the region.

Introducing best supplier partners
Workers in apparel factory

We are committed to provide access to a network of factories compliant with social, ethical and environmental best practices. Also, we are dedicated to deliver a quality product at the right price.

We support suppliers to maintain quality, consistency and on time delivery with our teams technical, production and quality expertise.

Maintaining product quality, consistency and on time delivery.

A Worldwide Network

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United States

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1271, Heron Point Road,
Florida 32223


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Karachi- 75350

Sri Lanka

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No.25, Eden Gardens,
Samagi Mawatha,
Sri Lanka

FAQs ?

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Does SAV SOURCING handle small order quantities?

Do you provide quality assurance and production control services?

Yes, we do. Contact us and we’ll find the best solution for your needs.

Yes, we do. We can customize our services to meet your specific requirements.

Do you develop specifications and tech packs for our designs?

How does SAV SOURCING ensure quality control for the products they source?

Yes, we can. Share your sketches, product pictures, or samples, and our technical experts will develop specs and tech packs for you.

We have implemented a strong quality control system, which includes on-the-ground teams responsible for overseeing the production and sourcing of products. This system ensures that we deliver high-quality products to our customers.

Are you able to source recycled fabrics/sustainable products?

Do your manufacturers demonstrate a commitment to ethical and environmentally responsible practices?

Yes, we are committed to working only with factories that adhere to the highest standards of sustainability and ethical practices.

Yes, we ensure that all our manufacturers demonstrate a commitment to ethical and environmentally responsible practices. We can provide certification information upon request.

In what way does SAV SOURCING guarantee that the suppliers they source are reliable and meet industry standards?

Do you offer Delivery Duty Paid (DDP) terms?

SAV SOURCING offers comprehensive services to ensure quality and transparency in the manufacturing process. We work closely with brands to create a detailed production plan, physically inspect factories at each step, and provide valuable advice to make the manufacturing process more efficient and effective. This allows us to ensure that our suppliers are reliable and meet industry standards.

Yes, we do. We can manage the entire process for you, from design and development to delivery at your doorstep.

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