A wide range of solutions,
customized to your requirements

A wide range of solutions
customized to your requirements

Design to Doorstep Delivery

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Quality Assurance and Production Control

Quality assurance

We provide quality assurance and production control services in your preferred sourcing destinations.

If you don’t have your presence in the desired destination we can be your eyes and ears.

If you are already there and need assistance, we can offer a helping hand.

Design and Develop Sustainable Products

✥ Offering full service.
✥ Maintain standards and     Certification.
✥ Trust, relationship and     transparency.
✥ Sustainable fiber
✥ Recycle product
✥ Organic material
✥ Entire supply chain
✥ Reduce life cycle
✥ Zero wastage
✥ Multifunctional action

SAV Sourcing can be your agent in your preferred sourcing region. A new
country/ region can be added to your sourcing network without any
initial investment.

We assist you in,


✥ Ethical manufacturing

✥ Environment, social and economic sustainability

✥ Reliable manufacturing partners

✥ Low impact production

✥ Responsible chemical usage



✥ Recycle Fibres

✥ Reclaimed Fibres

✥ Organic Fibres

✥ Linen, hemp, wool

Quality Assurance & Production Control

✥ Quality standards and compliance.

✥ Entire production process monitoring, from design to delivery.

✥ Minimize production costs while maintaining the desired quality standards and ensuring timely delivery of the goods.

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Bridging the communication gap

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Quality assurance

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Monitor production progress

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Assist to have full control and visibility over manufacturing process